Less Talk More Pride

Campaign art for the launch of Acura's "Less Talk More Pride" Campaign

Instagram Messenger Campaign

Campaign animation for the launch of Instagram's new messaging app feature.


8 Ways to Support BLM x Blavity

An illustrative guide, to social activism, with
proactive ways to invoke change, in lieu of the racial injustices, in conjunction with Black Lives Matter created for Blavity

Truth Orange

Truth Orange x Pride

Partnering with the Truth Orange Initiative, I created a Guide to LGBT+ Mental Health Awareness; one that speaks to the mission of Truth shedding light on creating a safe space for the LGBT+ community & mental health.


Blk App (Mothers Day)

Working with Blk App to create digital Mother's Day Cards and bring comfort to single black mothers while encouraging and uplifting them.


American Gods x Starz

Tasked with creating promotional imagery for the premiere of American Gods Season 3 on Starz


Black Owned Coffee Shop (Directory)

During the 2020 small business crisis, I designed a directory of black owned coffee shops in the major cities that eventually grew in scale as a hub to keep people informed.


Tina Turner x HBO

Tasked with creating promotional imagery for the premiere of Tina Turner's Film (Tina) Exclusively on HBOMax


Adobe Create Forward

Working with Adobe to nominate and amplify other creatives who utilize their software, while hightlighting "Adobe Illustrator on iPad"