I’ve worked in the graphic design/advertising, for 4 years. I’ve developed designs that led social media initiatives for brands such as Pepsi Co., Afropunk, Blavity, and Black Panther (Courtesy of Marvel Studios0 and Buzzfeed. I received an AAS from Fashion Instituie of Technology in Communication Design, and am working towards my BFA in Fine Arts.

I also have a published children book, that I wrote, illustrated,  and distributed that is available in the DC Public Library as well as Barnes and Nobles at FIT-NYC.


"Personal Feats & Accomplishments"

My Purpose

"Revolutionize. Propel. Inspire." 

I'm Thaddeus Coates & I am currently a Graphic Design student at FIT as well as an independent artist in Manhattan, New York with a passion for clean and thought provoking design, with beautiful and bright aesthetics.

I am also the founder of "Hippy Potter" a design company is which I partner with various clients to create, revitalize and further propel there ideas and brands by manifesting exactly what they wish to have created.

My goal is to utilize the gift I have with design, to revolutionize and further inspire with the very foundations of design, art that is a present with a presence. 


Happy Clients