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+ Black Owned Business (Directory)



Designers are the architect's of change both metaphorically and physically. We create solutions for the world problems, whether is be social, political or just for peace of mind.


So when I encountered this Starbucks fiasco, I thought to design something super helpful and also informative. As seen on Instagram's outlet page, and across social media. I put together a directory of Black Owned Businesses.


Black Owned Coffee Shops

Get in Friends, we’re going to support #BlackOwned Coffee shops. Here’s a list of coffee shops in NY, LA & DC
Here's a List of Black Owned Coffee Shops in the tristate.


Black Owned Seasonings

Hey friends!  Things are heating up in the kitchen & Goya’s gotta GO #BoycottGoya. Im back & here to help! Here’s a list of BLACK OWNED & LATINX OWNED seasoning/sauce brands


Black Owned Breakfast

Hey friends!  We’ve got a STICKY situation on our hands. With the news about #AuntJemima & I’m here to help! Here’s a list of BLACK OWNED breakfast/food brands, some deliver as well! 


Black Owned Games

Hey friends , August marks the start of National Black Owned Business month. So I wanted to highlight some Black Owned Games ranging from board games, trivia, apps and even toys.

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