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+ Truth Orange (Social Media Campaign)



To celebrate Pride month by highlighting and exploring the ideas of self-love, mental health and mental wellness. 

Geared towards raising awareness about LGBTIA+ mental health and dismantle any stigmas. While offering resources where you can go and get the help you need!

(Appealing to the human truth - (Mental Health, Self Love and Acceptance is all important.)


Prioritize Your Mental Health

For this Pride campaign we focused on the important topic of LGBTQ+ mental health. Because of stigma, discrimination, and other factors, LGBTQ
youth are more likely than their straight peers to struggle with. Here's an illustration to start the series.


You Are Not Alone

Bullying and cyberbullying threaten the safety of all of us, but LGBTQ+ youth are
significantly more likely to be bullied than their straight peers -- according to a study
from @stopbullying.


You Are Loved. You Are Welcome Here.

Caring for and protecting your mental health is a lifelong journey, and there are resources and organizations out there who want to help. This illustration is specifically linked to resources provided by the Trevor Project

TruthNEW (1).jpg

You Are Worth It. You Deserve To Be Happy

This month, we’re talking about the unique mental health challenges
that LGBTQ+ people face, where to get help, and how all of us can be better allies.

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